Contract #04616

Illumination &

Intelligent Transportation Systems Equipment

The Washington State ITS Contract covers a wide range of products from many different suppliers. CED is contracted to provide the following:

  • Smart City Lighting Control Solutions from:

    • Acuity Brands Lighting

    • Eaton Lighting

    • Echelon

  • High Mast Lowering Device Equipment from Holophane Lighting

  • LED Sports Lighting Equipment from Eaton Lighting/Ephesus Lighting

Contract Documentation:

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Jim O'Rourke

Contract Sales Manager

(206) 491-2520


CED has proudly worked with Washington State for over 20 years in supplying a wide range of products through the management of numerous Master Contracts.

To use the Contracts, entities simply need to fill out and sign a Master Contract Usage Agreement with the Department of Enterprise Services. There is no membership fee, and all management fees are covered by us, the vendor.

Authorized Contract Users:

Washington State Agencies

State Boards

State Commissions

Higher Education Institutions

(Schools and Universities)

Offices of Sep Elected Officials

Local Government Agencies

(Cities, Towns, Counties)

Federal Agencies

WA State Tribal Entities

Public Benefit Nonprofit Corps

Oregon Coop Members